What is included in this epic community?

For the first 25 game changers, you will receive access to this epic community for $27 per month. Join up before August 1st and receive your first month half price! There are no lock in contracts either, so you can put a stop to creating change, any time you like.
* 2 live Facebook videos a week including a tarot card reading.
* 10% off any seminars, products, boudoir photo shoots & 1:1 coaching.
* Printable affirmations, play sheets & more!
* Book, podcasts, blog recommendations.
* Guest speaks on topics such as health & yoga.
* More in depth advice with your challenges.
* Monthly themes such as goal setting, relationships and more.
* Monthly catch ups exclusively to the community.

Are you ready to be the best version of yourself?
"A big shout out to the beautiful Rhi for the amazing chat tonight and helping me to learn to love myself and see my worth. This journey isn't going to be easy, but with Rhi's help and my determination, I look forward to what the future holds. Ladies if you're struggling with self love I highly recommend having a chat with this beautiful lady she is amazing " - Jess.

You see, we have total control of our lives and where it can take us.

I was abused, I have been through childhood trauma, I have lost, I have hated every inch of my body, I have dealt with severe anxiety; yet I overcame it. I am in love with who I am, what I do and know everything I want in life is already mine; because I have control.

Your heart is craving the change. I know, I have been there. You want the tools and the steps to be easy to follow to guide you into being the best version of yourself.

Knowing where you are right now, I created a community called Creating Change, where I share all my secrets and tools that helped myself be the happiest I have ever been. My goal in life is to help you be the best version of yourself and live everyday with your soul full of joy. This community was created so together, we can change your life to one where you wake up every single morning and are so excited for the day ahead of you. A life where you look into the mirror and say, “Fuck, I really am beautiful.” A life where you just feel on cloud nine.

Within the Creating Change Community, you can expect to:
* Learn how to take action and achieve every single goal you set.

* Spend less time on the small shit and spend more time on the things that make your heart sing.

* Know how to call in your soul mate, or how to be the best lover you can possibly be.

* Learn how to truly know your worth and believe you’re beautiful without running for an hour on a treadmill or giving up chocolate.

* Figure out who the hell you are, and what is your life purpose.

* How to put yourself first, with no guilt attached.

Plus so much more!

"I wanna say a bit thank you to Rhi, this afternoon you helped me already face and realise some of the problems that I do and don't have.

I honestly think that you are such a great coach, teacher and inspiration to so many people including myself.

If anyone needs some help or guidance I suggest you ask and listen to what Rhi has to say and offer. In just 2 hours my mind was changed in a variety of subjects about myself.

Love you long time Rhi! 

Thank you for everything!"

- Kirstie.

"Hey lovely ladies 

I just wanted to let you know I was lucky enough to have a bit of a coaching call with Rhi last night. Lately I've been feeling very lost, unmotivated and just overall lonely and sad the last 6 weeks. I'm not sure why but it's like my whole world has just shifted in the wrong direction.

Anyways!!!! This morning I woke up much clearer headed and managed to meditate for the first time in ages AND I've gotten my big time blocking/schedule frame done. I'm feeling much calmer today and have a bit more direction!

If your really struggling with something I suggest opening up even if it is hard to admit, it will be well worth your time and self development to msg Rhi❤️❤️ "- Harmonie.

You are feeling in a really big rut right now, and your whole journey just doesn’t feel right. You feel like there is so much more to life. Your dream job isn’t here yet. Your soul mate isn’t yours. You don’t love yourself 100%. There are all these things that are getting to you, that you know you can change but you just don’t know how. You are craving change; you know something needs to give.

What though? Where do you start? What do you need to do? How can you be happy?

You can have everything that s mentioned above PLUS a 1:1 60 minute coaching call and/or tarot card reading each month! 

If you feel like you are having some challenges at the moment where you require more of a personal approach, this is your option!  
Do you want to feel like a V.I.P?
If you would like to hear our terms and conditions, please email rhi.biagini@live.com or message her on her Facebook Page.